Our Testimonials

Mona, Carson City

"One woman walked in and another is walking out!  People don't doubt my health anymore, I feel young again"

Teri, Carson Valley

"I love my permanent make up!! and so does my husband!!  He says I look great and we get out of the house much faster"

Debbie, Carson Valley

"I love my brows!  Every morning I had to run to the bathroom and put my eyebrows on to start my day.  Now I just get up and go!  Thank you Suzette!"

Julie, Winnamucca

"I started with my brows and then my eyes, then my lips.  Now I can't live without my permanent makeup!  I looked so tired in the morning.  Now I wake up with natural makeup that won't wash off!  Happy Days! "

Debbie, Carson City

"WOW, is all that I can say!  I went to see Suzette after a technician shaved off the tails of my brows!  Ever since Suzette did my brows, they frame my face and I am always getting compliments!".   I love my brows!

Rachael, Reno

"Oh my goodness!, I love my eye brows! I get compliments all of the time!   Suzette is truly an amazing artist!"